Case Studies


Creating an innovative culture

Insurance company looking to improve its customer experience and grow revenue through innovation

Engaged by the CEO to help the organisation build an innovative culture – including build their capability, map out a roadmap for success, and implement.  Two key outcomes are: (i) all staff  are involved in identifying ways to improve the customer experience; (ii) significantly transforming how they operate by engaging customers more effectively through innovation and the use of technology (such as AI and RPA). 

Supporting a CEO transition

Commercial free-to-air television industry

Engaged by a recently appointed CEO to mentor and help with their transition in view of significant industry disruption and the need for a clear path and story going forward.

New Revenue Streams and Customer Offering

Health, wealth & social infrastructure – concerned disruption was happening to them, they wanted to be on the front foot, and also wanted to improve sales results and customer experience

Engaged by a Divisional Director to help build a more customer centric and innovative culture across four businesses, lift revenue and create greater alignment with market opportunities.  Outcome: Created a new business model, developed a change program with input from all staff, and a roadmap which has delivered significant uplift in revenue, a stronger offering taken up by clients, and enhanced staff engagement.

Focus & Clarity

Professional consultants looking to grow their business

Developed a road map to take their business to the next level, identifying key capabilities, and target markets, what success looks like and how they can achieve it. 

Legal tech

Law firm looking to build out its legal tech capability, find new product development opportunities and grow revenue

Provided an overview of the landscape, identified product development opportunities, as well as opportunities for existing players and developed a plan to build a competitive advantage.